Beeswax For Your Hair

The trick to using beeswax in your hair is not to use it everyday. Because this can lead to a build up. You only need a little beeswax to make an impact. Apply by rubbing a little of the Oz Beeswax into your hands first and then lightly apply it to your hair.

If a build up occurs, apply olive oil to your hair and and let sit for 20 minutes then was your hair as you would normally.

Smooth & Straighten

Beeswax is a great natural alternative to store bought hair wax product. You can use Oz Beeswax in the same way as store brought hair wax products to tame and slick down dry, frizzy, curly and fly away strands. The beeswax has softening smoothing qualities which leave hair looking shinny and natural.

Seal & Hide Split Ends

By applying Oz Beeswax to your split ends you seal the strands together. Beeswax is loaded with antioxidants and good for sealing in moisture. Unfortunately the only way to permanent get rid of split ends it to have then cut off.

Moisturiser Your Hair

Beeswax is loaded with tons of vitamin A, making it one of the most concentrated moisturisers you can use for you hair. Not only does it lock in moisture it protects the hair from the damage of pollution and heat.

Beeswax For Beards

Using Oz Beeswax on your beards and moustache not only helps you to style (by keeping the hairs together), it helps by keeping the hair soft and clean. Beeswax is also a sealant, so it doubles as a repellent for dirt and grime, while keeping the hair shiny.

Beeswax As An Aftershave

But if on the other hand, if your face is clean shaven, Oz Beeswax is a great aftershave. You can use Oz Beeswax after shaving to rehydrate and moisturise your skin. The beeswax helps to prevent bacteria from infecting the newly shaved skin and its leaves it looking and feeling soft.

Help Soothe Scalp Conditions

You can apply Oz Beeswax directly to your scalp for healing purposes if you have issues with irritation, like dry scalp and dandruff. It can also soothe symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. This is because beeswax has anti fungal properties that can treat seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff, while also combating redness and itching on th scalp with its anti inflammatory properties. 

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