Oz Beeswax is certified officially 100% pure Australian Made.

Welcome to Oz Beeswax, made with love from the East Coast of Australia and 100% genuine Australian beeswax.
No chemicals. No petroleum. No dyes. No poisons.
Just 100% pure goodness.
Oz Beeswax Use #1
Let nature protect your lips in summer and winter with our 100% Tasmanian Manuka Chapstick. It glides on smoothly for long-lasting protection and beautiful nourished lips. No chemicals. No petroleum. No dyes. Just 100% pure nature made with love from the East Coast of Australia. 
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Oz Beeswax Use #4
Moisturise and revive your skin with the 100% pure goodness of our Oz Beeswax formula using just three special ingredients. Reduce redness, dryness and roughness for a vitamin-enriched smooth result. 
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Oz Beeswax Est. 2015 is Australian owned and operated by Jo and her Bees from Port Stephens NSW, proudly manufacturing Bees Wax products and supply to local and international customers and stockists.
We're a well-renowned online store and serving you at the local markets and continually featuring a variety of high-quality and useful products since day one.
Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. The team at Oz Beeswax knows that every product counts and strives to make your entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible. 
Bee a part of the Bee movement and support all things Bees and please remember to plant lots of flowers and trees for the Bees

Oz Beeswax Use #11
Rejuvenate and protect your leather and timber furniture, instruments, clothes, car seats and more with Oz Beeswax Leather & Timber Conditioner. 
Leather and Timber Beeswax Conditioner.p

The intelligence of nature

How Oz Beeswax can help refresh, rejuvenate and revive your skin.

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