Hi, I am big fan of Oz Beeswax, and make a special trip to The Rocks Markets to keep my supplies up! We use it as a daily moisturiser - face, hands, feet - and it's also great for minor cuts / stings / insect bites. It is light, not too greasy and has a low fragrance. We also use the leather / furniture wax for our leather coats and motorbike seat! It's a fantastic sealant and leaves a beautiful, soft finish. I highly recommend this product - it's not often you find an affordable, high quality natural product that actually works. You won't regret it!



My sister brought some of your muscle and joint balm on the weekend just gone. She let me try some today. I’m a gym person so sore muscles are my thing and recently this week I pulled my calf muscle, haven’t been able to walk without it feeling like it was tearing. Just used the balm and OMG!!!!!!!! I’m walking without pain!!! Totally going to be buying myself some.



We recently travelled to Thailand. I bought the stop itch repellent with me and I can honesty say that when wearing it, I didn't get bitten. The beauty of this product is that when I did get bitten because I didn't put it on, I was able to use it to stop the itch and it does just that within minutes the itch stopped. I also use the moisturiser and love it. It's great for extremely dry skin

Josie from the Central Coast NSW


I was gifted a tub of your lovely lip balm prior to a recent trip to Canada where I worked outside in the elements as a ski instructor. I used it daily on my cold and wind chapped lips and cracked dry hands. I have very sensitive skin but this never caused a reaction. I even rubbed some into my ageing leather gloves at one point, warm and dry hands again. I absolutely love the lack of fragrance and delightfully smooth application. Would highly recommend!

Roxie from Canada


I bought the moisturiser from the Rocks Market.... after two days of using it on my eczema on my face it has almost disappeared. I was a little dubious of it, but it is working a treat. Nice to see a product that has minimal ingredients that really works. I have tried many cream and treatments to no avail. I would recommend this product to anyone with skin issues. Thank you Oz Beeswax :o)

Sheryl from Sydney


I  always use this product on dry skin and its amazing. When my daughter falls over its used on her scraps and scratches. I get dry skin around the back of my ears near my hairline and it stops itch. I also use it in between my fingers due to cold dry weather. Love my beeswax. I highly recommend this. I will always make sure there is some in my bathroom ready to use.



Thank you! Your product has given me great relief for my dry sore hands. I have had Skin problems for 30 years. I have tried and failed with steroidal creams and hundreds of potions that claim they will help eradicate my severe Eczema and Dermatitis. I put the beeswax on and instantly felt some relief. My hands are finally on the road to recovery. Every day little by little my skin is being nourished by your product. I am so happy I ventured out that day and found this wonderful natural product.

Julie Allardyce; Wahe Guru


After trying out some of this amazing stuff on my dry skin I decided to start using it on my newly done but healed tattoo and was amazed at how it moisturised and also made my new ink stand out... so when I got another one done not long after I decided to solely use oz beeswax as my aftercare routine and I personally feel it helped heal better and also improved the outcome of how my new tattoo healed... It has now become a part of my tattoo care and I won't look back... this stuff is amazing.



We started using Oz Beeswax as a nappy balm when our baby was about 12 months old. We've been using it now for about 8 months. It smells beautiful and provides just the right amount of moisture, absorption and barrier protection. I like it so much I also use it as a lip balm on myself and my daughter, and it's been useful for insect bites and dry skin for both of us. I like how it's all natural, and because it's solid at room temperature it's great to carry around in a nappy bag. I never have to live with messy burst tubes of cream any more.

Nicole from Sydney


I've been using Oz Beeswax for over a year and I wouldn't use any other product on my face. In my late 40s I suddenly developed severe adult acne and rosacea which caused me a lot of distress as I'd always had a clear complexion. I've spent a lot of money seeing specialists and buying creams which had little effect. After using Oz Beeswax for 2 weeks, the red bumps were noticeably reduced and my skin started to look healthy and feel great. I love this natural product - please don't change a thing.

Anna from the Blue Mountains


This stuff is the best.. Was lucky enough to meet Jo at Luddenham Show where I got to try it for this first time! Will always keep this product in my bag now!



Been using the moisturiser for the past year and love it so much I even got my mother-in law to buy it!! You only need the smallest amount so a jar last a long time.