7 Tips To Keep Your Skin Moist This Winter

You can feel the change in the air, winter is coming and with it dry skin, lips and hair.  But why does our skin dry out more in winter? The answer is simple.  Our skin experiences more fluctuations in temperature and ambient moisture during the winter months.  Your skin has layers and the one that retains moisture is called the stratum corneum. When the humidity drops, water can more easily escape out of the skin's layers through evaporation, which then leads to dry skin.

So here are 7 tips to keep your skin moist this winter

Tip 1, Drink Water

You hear this one for everything, but it's true. Drinking 2lt of water a day will help your body  flush toxins from your body and improve your complexion. 

Tip 2, More Clothes, Less Heater

The warm air blowing from the air con or heater can actually contribute to drying your skin out as they evaporate moisture from the air. This lowers your skin's resistance making the surface cells dry out. So put on an extra layer of clothing before you crank up the dial on the heater.

Tip 3, Short Warm Showers

The temptation to crank up the hot water during your shower on cold winter mornings is real.  But unfortunately the hot water causes damage to the cells that are located on the most outer layer of the skin.  Disturbing these cells create dry skin and prevents the cells from being able to lock in moisture.  So stick to a warm short shower to reduce the damage the hot water causes.

Tip 4, Protect Your Lips

Stop your lips from becoming extra dry and flaky this winter by keeping them moist with lip balm.  Lip Balm moisturisers your lips so they stay hydrated no matter how dry and cold the weather is.  We can't help but recommend our Lip Balm Moisturiser and our Manuka Chapstick to keep your lips protected from the elements.  Shop for them here.

Tip 5, Use A Natural Cleanser

Cleansing is important to rid your skin of dirt and pollution, it allows your skin to breathe.  But all soaps are drying, choose a natural cleanser which doesn't not contain drying ingredients like Parabens.

Tip 6, Use A Natural Moisturiser

By applying a natural moisturiser to your face and body you are in effect adding another barrier to your skin.  This in turn helps stop moisture evaporation from your skin and reduce the chance of your skin drying out.  Amazingly by applying beeswax to your skin, you are forming a barrier and protecting your skin from harmful environments, while sealing in moisture. So stock up now on our Best Seller Skin Moisturiser and our Manuka Skin Magic to keep your skin looking good this winter.  You can shop for them here.

Tip 7, Keep Your Mitts On

Don't forget about your hands.  Take care of them while you sleep by applying moisturiser to them and then popping on some cotton gloves as you go to bed.  The gloves will help hold the moisture on your skin which helps it absorb better into your skin and in turn keeping your hands feeling soft and smooth. 

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