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100% Natural Beeswax Conditioner. Nourish, condition, waterproof and protect leather, timber, canvas, stone, metal and much more.

Oz Beeswax Leather and Timber Conditioner softens, waterproof and prolongs the life of all kinds of natural and colored leather from shoes, boots, jackets, pet collars, saddlery, furniture, handbags and so much more. It works so well you can see and feel the difference.

100% Fragrance and preservative free.

Oz beeswax leather and timber conditioner is a safe, natural and effective way to bring new life to wood furniture.  It can be used to polish finished furniture, to clean up damaged pieces and even keep chopping boards in top notch condition. Oz Beeswax Leather and Timber conditioner is made with natural oils and beeswax.  Leaving the wood to show its natural beauty while being protected and durable. The oils penetrate into the wood surface protecting the wood from deep inside, while the beeswax protects the outer surface wood from moisture and abrasion.    

Use on stone surface to form a water and soil repellent barrier which aids in the prevention of stains while helping to maintain the stones’ natural colour.

Perfect for protecting everyday steel tools from rust, and can also be used on the tools wood handles to condition and waterproof preventing the handles from absorbing water and drying out.

Use on canvas to waterproof and repels liquid stains while keeping the fabric breathable.

Use with our provided sponge for application and buffing to evenly distribute the oils and wax.  Beeswax is antifungal so no mold can grow on it and leaves a non greasy feeling.


Pure Australian Beeswax

Australian Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Australian Sunflower Oil




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