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The Powers Of Topical Zinc

Zinc oxide has been used in topical preparations for centuries, it is one of the essential nutrients that our body needs to assist us in fighting off illness, it supports our immune system in fighting off harmful cells and helps our body to regenerate and nurture new cells in order to fight away the nasties.

Zinc is an essential mineral that helps the body inside and out. It can even help maintain the health of your largest organ: your skin.


While zinc has been used orally to help reduce severity of colds and viruses, zinc’s topical healing properties make it a common edition in baby care products, foot powders and more recently, has become the hero ingredient in physical sunscreens.

Known as a topical protectant, zinc oxide works its magic by providing astringent, antiseptic and skin regenerating properties. Zinc oxide is used to treat minor skin ailments such as burns, cuts, minor wounds, dandruff and eczema and can help with irritating symptoms such as itching, redness, peeling skin and inflammation. These topical treatments come in the form of powders, pastes, sprays and creams.

Zinc benefit in skin care

More recently, zinc oxide’s incredible healing properties have expanded from treatments for nappy rash and foot powders into acne creams and skin treatments. The increasing addition of zinc in skin care and cosmetic products stem from its never-ending list of benefits.

  • Help regenerate cells
  • Has antiseptic and astringent properties
  • Helps balance the skins oil production
  • Reduces appearance of large pores
  • Enhances collagen synthesis
  • Regenerates connective tissue
  • Balances skin tone
  • Evens pigmentation

When applied topically zinc oxide forms a barrier on top of our skin. Zinc particles are large enough that they are unable to penetrate through our skin cell wall, even in its micronized states.

This protective barrier shields skin from the elements and locks in hydration and moisture. It can also slow signs of ageing by promoting healthy cell regeneration. Zinc can be a skin-saver for individuals who suffer from acne, with its bacteria fighting, anti-inflammatory and astringent abilities, it can be added to the skincare routine in the form of toners, masks and moisturisers.

Zinc oxide is now commonly found in mineral based makeup powders, for not only it’s healthy skin benefits, but for its sun protecting.

Zinc for sun protection 

Over the last few years, zinc’s benefits for effective sun protection have been researched extensively, with natural sunscreens becoming increasingly popular in the sun protection market.

Unlike chemical sunscreens, zinc oxide works as a physical barrier by shielding the skin from both UVA and UVB rays, remaining on the top layer of the skin and reflecting them off like a mirror. Zinc-based sunscreens are also a wonderful alternative to chemical sunscreens for individuals with sensitive skin.

Zinc for Healing 

Individuals with a zinc deficiency are often prone to slower wound healing, so the addition of topical zinc for skin healing can be beneficial in some cases. Zinc can speed up the healing process of certain wounds and sunburn by facilitating repair.

It has also been found to decrease rates of infection in skin irritations and some wounds and ulcers. The barrier-style protection that zinc provides can protect the wounded skin from external moisture and bacteria and in some cases* speed up the healing process.

Zinc can be a wonderful addition to your everyday routine, whether you incorporate it into your skincare, your sun protection or for wound healing.

Check with a healthcare professional before using  zinc products for nutritional purpose and always consult with your doctor or wound-care specialist before any new treatment for wounds.

The Powers of Topical Zinc

Zinc oxide has been used in topical preparations for centuries, it is one of the essential nutrients that our body needs to assist us in fighting off disease. 



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