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This is our best-selling and most versatile #1 product!

Beeswax is renowned for it's naturally occurring antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory occurring properties that helps skin & is an alternative to steroids and cortisones.

100% natural & safe, rich daily moisturiser & barrier that helps skin; cracked heels, hands, dry itchy skin, weathered skin, chafing, common skin irritations.

Beeswax can help give quick relief from itching and soothing relief from skin irritations naturally.

Ancient & wholesome ingredients which have a rich texture and one application will give you effects that last all day. 

If you've tried all the steroids and cortisones' and not getting the results. Dr Ah Kit  try this product and we hope you will get a more natural, soothing and effective result. 

A wonderful unisex product for the whole family and safe to use from infants to the elderly.

If you have tried all the steroids and cortisone, off the shelf moisturisers, pharmaceuticals and barrier creams without getting the results you're requiring... then it is time to try Oz Beeswax.  

Oz Beeswax could bee your replacement skin care regime for life and an essential part of your daily skin health & integrity.

There’s just a tiny scent of honey which people tell us they love. Packaged in attractive, easy-open pots, you simply can’t go past it.

Many customers are receiving extraordinary results from our best seller & you could too.

Order yours today and see why thousands of people LOVE Oz Beeswax!

Try our simple & carefully crafted formula;

Pure Australian Beeswax

Australian Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Australian Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil


101 Uses for Beeswax

  1. Chewing beeswax can help quit the habit of smoking.
  2. Smooth movement for doors and windows.
  3. Prevents bronze items from tarnishing.
  4. Rust preventive.
  5. Furniture polish.
  6. Candles that don’t drip and have no smoke.
  7. Covering cheeses and preservatives to protect from spoilage.
  8. Lubricant for old furniture joints.
  9. Component for mustache creams.
  10. Conditioner for wood bowls and cutting boards.
  11. Coat nails and screws to prevent wood from splintering.
  12. Used by NASA with an enzyme to mop up oceanic oil spills.
  13. Cake guitar bodies to boost longevity.
  14. Coat tambourine surfaces for thumb roll playing technique.
  15. Coat reeds for woodwinds to get a tight fit.
  16. Egg painting in a Ukraine folk art of Pysanky.
  17. An essential ingredient in Indian art of fabric dyeing called Batik printing.
  18. In candy like gummy bears, worms and jelly beans.
  19. To water proof leather.
  20. Molten beeswax to polish granite counter tops.
  21. To make crayons.
  22. With palm oil for soap.  The palm oil reduces scars and the wax a natural moisturizer.
  23. Mix with palm wax for a natural hair remover.
  24. In archery, to reduce bow string friction.
  25. On whips to water proof.
  26. In bullets.
  27. With comfrey and chick weed powder to alleviate itching.
  28. Wire pulling.
  29. Sewing to strengthen the thread and prevent snagging.
  30. To fill seams between pieces of slate when setting up a pool table.
  31. Plucking the feathers from fowl.
  32. As a flexible mold for a variety of mediums.
  33. Jewelry.
  34. Clean your clothes Iron.
  35. In glass Etching.
  36. Encrusting Painting.
  37. To make earplugs.
  38. Ear Candling.
  39. When fashioning Dreadlocks.
  40. To make Dental floss.
  41. For cracked animal hooves.
  42. When making cosmetics.
  43. When making chocolates.
  44. Copper sinks.
  45. Removing previous waxes.
  46. In Blacksmithing.
  47. Basketry.
  48. To coat Baking pans for smooth exit of goods.
  49. To coat the hemp strings on Bag Pipes.
  50. To make balms.
  51. Barbeque preparation.
  52. When making healing salves, creams and ointments.
  53. Used in pharmaceuticals.
  54. In manufacturing of electronic components and CDs.
  55. As a polish for shoes and floors.
  56. On sticking drawers.
  57. Keep zippers moving smoothly.
  58. To water proof boots and saddles.
  59. To coat hand tools to prevent rust.
  60. To lower cholesterol, ulcers, diarrhea and hiccups.
  61. To relief pain, swelling (inflammation)
  62. In beverages.
  63. In manufacturing as a thickener or emulsifier.
  64. In fragrances/perfumes.
  65. To seal documents/envelopes.
  66. An ingredient in surgical bone wax.
  67. Blended with pine rosin to serve as an adhesive.
  68. A metal injection molding binder component.
  69. In the embalming process.
  70. As a stabilizer in the military explosive Torpex.
  71. To coat hemp strands – an alternative use to lighters.
  72. A natural Air purifier.
  73. Glazing of fruits and vegetables.
  74. As a hair pompay.
  75. Grafting plants.
  76. In the restoration of pictures.
  77. Wax fly fishing lines so they float.
  78. To keep saws sharp.
  79. Grinding and polishing of optical lenses.
  80. Used in crafting of dentures and other dental equipment.
  81. To seal and polish smoke fired pottery.
  82. Used on snowskies for a good glide.
  83. Used for base ring for toliets (in the past).
  84. Used to cover a broken wire on braces until you get to your orthodontist.
  85. To prevent stretch marks.
  86. Saturate cardboard with beeswax and use as a fuel for a backpackers fuel for stove.
  87. Beeswax candle as emergency heat when trapped in a car or small space.
  88. Temporary filling until you can see your dentist.
  89. To seal stick matches to stay dry when boating, fishing or skiing.
  90. To prevent slippage for belts in vacuums and sewing machines.
  91. As a wood filler.



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