Beeswax For Tradies
Oz Beeswax for tradies

You have probably heard of tricks of the trade, but something that is not  often spoken about is the conditions of the trade.  Working a trade can lead to you developing sometimes embarrassing and usually painful skin conditions.  Whether you're a Doctor, in health care, a paramedic, concreter, mechanic, electrician, plumber, firefighter or a childcare worker, tradies are bound to get a few skin and pain issues.  Let's take a look at some of the issues affecting tradies and how our 100% Natural Oz Beeswax Skin Moisturiser can help.

For The Feet

Being in boots all day does take its toll on your feet, and one common condition is cracked heels.  There are many products on the pharmacy shelves that are full of fillers with many complexed ingredients that are predominately paraffin based and priced accordingly.  Skip these and try our 100% natural Best Seller Skin Moisturiser made with only 3 skin loving ingredients.  Simply soak your feet in warm water for around 20 minutes and then use a loofah, foot scrubber, or pumice stone to remove any hard, thick skin before patting dry. Now it's time to apply the Oz Beeswax skin moisturiser to the affected area.   Beeswax has been used as barrier cream for centuries and is well known for locking in moisture, therefore making it a superior balm for cracked heels.  

For The Head

Psoriasis of the scalp and hair loss can occur because you need to wear a hard hat.  It can seem once you start scratching your head you can’t seem to stop. So before you start scratching take the preventative measure and apply our Best Seller Skin Moisturiser to your head.  Beeswax has natural anti-inflammatory properties and the jojoba oil is renowned for promoting healthy hair and hair growth.   If you are suffering from psoriasis of the scalp, simply separate your hair to expose your scalp and rub the Oz Beeswax into your scalp.  You are going to want to leave it in your hair for several hours before gently combing off the flaking dry scalp when washing.  Wash your hair and scalp deeply with a gentle shampoo or soap, to prevent a build up of the product on your hair.  Repeating this method several times over time might help get rid of it for good!

For The Hands

Many tradies needing to wear gloves for work get skin peeling off their hands.  If the peeling goes untreated it can lead to very cracked, split and painful hands.  To help combat this ONLY wash your hands with a soft organic soap like goats milk or oatmeal and dry well.  Then apply the Oz Beeswax Best Seller to your hands and pop on some cotton gloves to go under your work gloves.  Do this every time after washing your hands,  you many only need to apply the Oz Beeswax after several washes. 

For the body

Your skin may be suffering because of chafing or heat rashes, or perhaps you need to wear a uniform that is made from synthetic fabrics. Further problems can occur when these uniforms are laundered by the company with harsh detergents.  Applying Oz Beeswax Skin Moisturiser to the affected area will form a barrier protecting the skin.

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