7 Benefits Of Manuka Honey

Oz Beeswax Manuka Skin Magic is derived from the purest quality Tasmanian Manuka Beeswax.  

Manuka beeswax is obtained from bees that feed on pollen from the Manuka plant.  The Manuka beeswax is different from regular beeswax because of its antimicrobial attributes and it has a higher level of antibacterial properties.

The top 7 benefits of Manuka Honey 

7 Benefits Of Manuka Honey

1. Its Antibacterial

 2. Immune stimulating

 3. Heals Burns

4. Anti-inflammatory

 5. Sooth cough & sore throat

 6. Improves digestive symptom

 7. Aid wound healing

Oz Beeswax has perfectly blended the Manuka beeswax with Australian cold-pressed pure oils of jojoba and sunflower. Oz Beeswax Manuka Skin Magic is hypoallergenic and contains only wholesome skin-loving natural ingredients. It contains no fragrance or preservatives.

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