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100% Natural Skin Health

Great for people with Sensitive Skin

Barely any scent, smells beautiful, a little like honey, packaged in attractive pots and effects that lasts all day.


Brand: OZ BeesWax

Size: 100g


數量 價格 你節省了
2 AU$22.49 折扣至 AU$5.00

Oz Beeswax 100% Natural Skin Health.

Oz Beeswax can be used as a general daily all over moisturiser, it will nourish and protect your lips and just about anything. If you get a bump, bite or a pop, pop a bit on it and it will hopefully relieve and help it quickly.

Safe to use from infants to elderly.

Great as a barrier cream for babies and people working with chemicals and water; doctors, nurses, gardeners, chefs, cooks, cleaners, hairdressers, busy mums and dads, tradies etc...

Oz Beeswax is a safe and natural alternative and hopefully will provide the relief you are requiring.

Made from Pure Australian Beeswax - Pure Australian Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil - Sunflower Oil

Great for people with Sensitive Skin.

For best results; apply regularly and as itching or dryness persists.

Used on a regular basis oz bees wax has been known to help people with bruises, cracked heels and hands and many medically effected skin conditions, read some of our customer testimonials to see how Oz Beeswax has helped them and will hopefully help you too.

Apply by scraping a little out with you fingernail or an applicator, rub into the palm of your hand until a smooth texture and apply to the affected area.

We receive such lovely feedback from our returning customers and if you've had wonderful results from Oz Beeswax, please tell us your story?





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Stop severe itching and welts with oz beeswax

Oz Beeswax

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Bev says; 'Oz Beeswax is the best for her granddaughters eczema'.

Oz Beeswax

Sue loves Oz Beeswax for her curly hair. March 16.

Sue loves oz beeswax for her curly hair!