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You like to treat your skin and hair to natural chemical free products for yourself, so it is only natural to continue this level of care to your pets as well.

Most pets, especially dogs and cats experience a scratch, insect bite, itch, rash, wound or skin irritation at some point in their lives. You can be at ease knowing that you have Oz Beeswax Pet Care Balm on hand when these needs arise.

Chemical free pet care is just as important for animals as it is for us, because harmful chemicals are absorbed through the skin and enter the body, and our pets can ingest the cream when the groom themselves. Our Pet Care Balm only includes 3 wholesome natural ingredients that have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that will help to soothe your pet’s irritated skin. 

Oz Beeswax 100% Natural Pet Care Balm is a deeply nourishing cream formulated to provide relief to your pets common irritations, cracked paws, hooves, dry nose, minor wounds, scratches, hot spots and more. It gives soothing relief without stinging and only requires a small amount per application.

No Petroleum 

No Parabens

No Fragrances

Chemical Free

Alcohol Free

Australian Made And Operated



Pure Australian Beeswax

Australian Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Australian Sunflower Oil




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