Oz Beeswax - 3 Pack

Oz Beeswax - 3 Pack


You can yourself some of our Oz Beeswax to simply use directly around the home or however you prefer. No chemicals. No petroleum. No dyes. Just 100% pure love and our beeswax processed our way from the East Coast of Australia to you.


The uses are endless, so here are just a few: 



Perfect for melting down to make your own natural beeswax candles.  If you are in need of some scented candles without synthetic fragrances, then our pure beeswax is the perfect starting place,  you can then make the candles to suit your mood by mixing in essential oils. Keep them for yourself or give them as wonderful homemade gifts to your loved ones.



You can even use the pure beeswax bar to lubricate any squeaky or stiff doors, drawers and windows. All you need to do is coat the hinge or runner that is squeaking or stiff with the beeswax.  Just rub the beeswax over the affected area, and there you have it – good as new! There is also the added benefit of removing any rust and preventing rust building up.



Use pure  beeswax to form the mouthpiece of your didgeridoo and use pure beeswax to condition and waterproof the outside preventing the wood from absorbing water and drying out.


Reusable Food Wraps 

Reduce your plastic consumption by using pure beeswax in the making of reusable food wraps. Reusable food wraps have a “cling” that makes them an attractive alternative to plastic wrap.



Pure Beeswax can be used for Stitching. Pure beeswax can be used to coat the thread before using it to sew onto the fabric. Beeswax helps to reduce static and tangling, and strengthens your thread. Coating silk or even synthetic thread with beeswax protects the thread from abrasion.

  • Ingredients

    100% Beeswax 

  • Best Selling Natural Beeswax Products, Australia.