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Double Pack Stop Itch Repellent Lg

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Use liberally and you might just bee suprised!


Pop some on you temples and the, 'Aussie Fly Salute' is at ease for about an hour - the little black aussie anoiances buzz around but they jsut don't land:)


Quicky get some onto a bite or an itch and it helps stop it real quick (if you don't scratch it in the fists place:)



​Oz Beeswax 100% Natural Stop Itch Moisturising Balm discourages insects from biting with its amazing blend of beeswax and lemongrass and relieves bites and itchy skin quickly.


Our all natural stop itch beeswax balm infused with lemongrass can relieve symptoms incurred by bites quickly and effectively due to its analgesic properties in the beeswax and the lemongrass. It's a soothing and rich moisturiser, lasts around an hour before another application is required and comes in an easy to carry airtight jar, essential to any handbag, manbag, picnic, school, sports, tool or tackle box...


Try Oz Beeswax Stop Itch Repellent Moisturiser today... You'll LOVE it!

  • Ingredients

    Pure Australian Beeswax

    Cold Presseed Jojoba Oil

    Sinflower Oil

    Pure Essential Lemongrass Oil