best natural cream for dry skin in australia

Oz Beeswax Skin Moisturiser Barrier Cream - 2 Pack

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One for your office and one for your bathroom.


Our Best Seller 100% Natural Skin Moisturiser can help give quick relief from itching and soothing relief from skin irritations. With 3 simple wholesome ingredients, it has a rich texture and one application will give your effects that last all day.


This is our best-selling and most versatile #1 product.


At Oz Beeswax we honestly understand common skin irritations (dry, sensitive, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and more) and we are committed to helping people with their skin issues.


If you have tried all the steroids and cortisones off the shelf, moisturisers, and barriers without getting the results you are requiring then it is time to use Oz Beeswax.  Oz Beeswax 100% Natural Skin Moisturiser could be your steroid cream replacement and an essential part of your daily skin care regime.


When you buy an Oz Beeswax product you are buying an Australian made 100% natural handmade, premium quality skincare product.


It’s wonderful if you have sensitive skin – and it’s exceptional for most skin conditions. Use as a general daily moisturiser and as a skin repairer it's excellent. 


There’s just a tiny scent of honey which people tell us they love. Packaged in attractive, easy-open pots, you simply can’t go past it.


Many customers are receiving extraordinary results from our best seller and you could too.


A wonderful unisex product for the whole family and safe to use from infants to the elderly.


Family Products For The Whole Family!


Order yours today and see why thousands of people LOVE Oz Beeswax!




Pure Australian Beeswax

Australian Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Australian Sunflower Oil



No chemicals. No petroleum. No dyes.

Made with love from 100% pure beeswax and essential oils from the East Coast of Australia. 


See why thousands of people from around the world love our pure beeswax products. 

  • Ingredients

    Pure Australian Beeswax

    Australian Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

    Australian Sunflower Oil


  • Natural SkinCare Moisturiser & Cream DrySkin, AU.