Oz Beeswax Manuka Beeswax Skin Care - 2 Pack

Oz Beeswax Manuka Beeswax Skin Care - 2 Pack

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Oz Beeswax Manuka Skin Magic is derived from the purest quality Tasmanian Manuka Beeswax.  Manuka beeswax is obtained from bees that feed on pollen from the Manuka plant.  The Manuka beeswax is different from regular beeswax because of its microbial attributes and it has a higher level of antibacterial properties.


Oz Beeswax has perfectly blended the Manuka beeswax with Australian cold-pressed pure oils of jojoba and sunflower. Oz Beeswax Manuka Skin Magic is hypoallergenic and contains only wholesome skin-loving natural ingredients. It contains no fragrance or preservatives.


It's safe and natural for the whole family and many of our dedicated customers are getting extraordinary results for helping with things like; reducing aging lines, rosacea, eczema, scars, healing tattoos, open wounds, rashes, cracked or itchy skin and more. Also great to use under makeup and as a makeup remover, it is smooth, absorbs, cleans and nourishes.


For men; the balm is great for after shaving and is a rich protective barrier and moisturiser for skin irritations.


Oz Beeswax Certified Manuka Beeswax will be your all go to, reliable, and trusted skincare routine.


Try it for yourself and see why thousands of users LOVE Oz Beeswax Manuka Skin Magic!


We focus on providing our customers with nature's best quality ingredients to keep your skin looking its best. 



Certified Manuka Beeswax from Tasmania


Royal Jelly

Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil from Narrabri

Australian Sunflower Oil 



100% Natural Skin Care Product

Chemical Free


Australian Made And Operated

Air Tight Containers

Attractive and Convenient Packaging

Great For travel - No Leaking Liquid


  • Ingredients

    Certified Manuka Beeswax from Tasmania Australia

    Certified Manuka Honey from Tasmania Australia

    Australian Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil from Narabri

    Australian Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil from Cootamundra

    Royal Jelly



  • Beeswax, Eczema Curing, Manuka Honey MoistureCream