Oz Beeswax Wraps Starter Pack

Oz Beeswax Wraps Starter Pack


Beeswax Wraps Starter Pack


Great to get started with one of each size.


Small x 1, Medium x 1, Large x 1,  X-Large x 1


Small Wrap 14 x 14 cm – Cover a cut tomato, the end of a cucumber, a small dip bowl, the top of a jar, a few biscuits for a snack.


Medium Wrap 20 x 20 cm – Wrap up 1/2 an avocado, school snacks, make into a handy pouch (replace snack bags) cover a breakfast sized bowl.


Large Wrap 30 x 30 cm – Wrap a sandwich, cover a dinner plate, wrap a capsicum, small head of broccoli or corn on the cob, cover a larger salad bowl, block of cheese.


XL Wrap 38 x 48 cm – Cover a platter, on top or under food, wrap a celery, a cauliflower, lettuce. Make into a large pouch & store pre-cut vege’s, wrap a loaf of bread.


Beeswax wraps work as well as plastic wrap and will they keep my food fresh. Not only will your food be as fresh, or fresher than when using plastic wrap, the wraps are better for the environment, our health and more cost effective.


Beeswax is waterproof and air proof, so once it is sealed around a food product it keeps the air out and allows the food to remain fresh.


Unlike plastic our beeswax wraps are hard to damage and this makes them a reliable, eco friendly alternative to plastic.


As long as you use the warmth of your hands to make a good seal, the wrap will hold its shape when it cools, and the seal will remain. The food will keep fresh until it is ready to be used.


You will find foods remain fresh with beeswax wraps, and vegetables keep very well. E.g. an avocado wrapped will brown within a day or so but beeswax wraps allows them to stay fresh and brightly coloured for much longer than plastic wrap (I have had some stay this way for more than a week in a wax wrap).


There is no set time for how long food will keep and this is up to the purchaser to decide, but beeswax wraps keep food as fresh if not fresher than non degradable plastic.


Made with pure Australian beeswax and 100% cotton.



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