We don’t just need bees. We NEED bees.

Honeybees are the unrecognised hero’s of the food chain, and their work as pollinators is critical to the production of 1/3 of the food we eat. Sadly our honey bee population are decreasing at an alarming rate and help is needed to protect the honeybee.

Our bee friends are in danger. There are threatened by colony collapse disorder (CCD) where there are no adult worker bees to be found. Only the honey, young bees and the queen are found in the hive.

If there aren’t enough bees to pollinate the plants, then they won’t produce the food we need to eat.

Here are a few things that bees are responsible for pollinating: apples, citrus, soy beans, almonds, mangos, strawberries and pears. Even the coffee plant. Imagine life without coffee.

The main theory’s to CCD and the bees decline is a combination of parasites, pesticides and lack of flowers.

There are a few things we can do to help. We can plant more flowers, reduce the use of pesticides and protect bees from parasites. We can also support our local Apiarist (fancy name for beekeeper) and buy honey locally where possible. We don’t have to go it alone we, can also support charities dedicated to saving the bees.

Here are a few Australian based bee charities that you can support in their work to save the bees.

The Wheen Bee Foundation

This is Australia’s only registered not-for-profit charity for bees. They were founded in 2009 and the foundation supports research projects and activities designed at keeping honeybees healthy.

Donations help finance various research and activities like distributing information to the public about bio security and best practices in beekeeping. They also do investigations into bee pest species and bee diseases. Their main goal is to protect honeybees and food security.

You can visits there website at https://www.wheenbeefoundation.org.au

Save The Bees Australia

This group aims to unite like-minded people and raise awareness of the importance of the bees and the predicament they face. They started in 2014 and have evolved from saving honeybees that would have usually been terminated and relocated them.

The community has worked to remove imported honey from Australian Supermarkets shelves and created a honey map where local Apiarists can sell honey directly to the public.

To support your local Apiarist visit https://www.beethecure.com.au/honey-map-2/

Type in you postcode, set your travel distance and search for local honey producers and stockists near you.

You can also donate to Save The Bees Australia on their website https://www.beethecure.com.au

The Urban Beehive

Based in urban Sydney, The Urban Beehive started in 2010 with the aim of supporting honeybees and the critical work they do. They work towards putting beehives in city backyards, business, community gardens and on rooftops. They use where possible feral bee swarms to populate their hives as this helps to protect wild bee genetic lines.

The Urban Beehive provide beekeeping courses (beginner and advanced), do public speaking and have a beekeeping supply store in Matraville, Sydney. You can buy form their shop online at https://shop.theurbanbeehive.com.au

You can find more out about them on their website https://theurbanbeehive.com.au/

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