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Updated: May 7

Get the Best Natural Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin in Australia.

It may be hard to believe but this simple 100% natural moisturiser consists of only 3 ingredients.

Yes you read that right 3. This makes our best seller safe for the whole family! No chemicals, alcohol, fragrances or preservatives are added to our products.

So why does it work wonders for people's skin conditions? The anti-bacterial properties of the beeswax are enhanced by the sunflower oils anti-inflammatory properties to help lower skin redness and roughness, while the jojoba oils powerful antioxidants and vitamins balance, smooth and hydrate your skin.

This make Oz Beeswax a natural replacement for steroid creams and treatment for common skin conditions like dry sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema and more.

Our Best Seller skin moisturiser is has earned its name over and over and acts as a rich, natural and effective antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory barrier cream.

Here are just a few of our testimonials, so you can see how our skin moisturiser has changed people lives.

Oz Beeswax for eczema

I bought the moisturiser from the Rocks Market.... after two days of using it on my eczema on my face it has almost disappeared. I was a little dubious of it, but it is working a treat. Nice to see a product that has minimal ingredients that really works. I have tried many cream and treatments to no avail. I would recommend this product to anyone with skin issues. Thank you Oz Beeswax :o)
Sheryl from Sydney

Used for Blood Bruises

Oz beeswax Best Seller Skin Moisturiser is so versatile it can be used as an aftercare cream for tattoo work.

Oz beeswax for tattoo care

After trying out some of this amazing stuff on my dry skin I decided to start using it on my newly done but healed tattoo and was amazed at how it moisturised and also made my new ink stand out... so when I got another one done not long after I decided to solely use oz beeswax as my aftercare routine and I personally feel it helped heal better and also improved the outcome of how my new tattoo healed... It has now become a part of my tattoo care and I won't look back... this stuff is amazing.

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