Handy Second Uses For Our Containers

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

If you have some empty Oz Beeswax containers, before you pop them into the recycle bin we have some ideas for second uses. But first let us show you how to get them ready for their second life.

1. Remove Label & Lid Insert

Using your nail or a butter knife, make an insert at the end of the label to raise it, and then pull back the label and place in the bin. The same method can be used to remove the insert from the lid. If any sticky residue remains, you can cover with olive oil and leave for 15 min before gently scrubbing off, or use another sticky stuff removing product to remove any residue.

2. Remove Excess Product From The Inside

Use a piece of paper towel to clean out any product reside from inside the container. This will make the next step of washing it easier.

3. Wash In Warm Soapy Water

Give the container a wash in warm soapy water to remove any leftover reside and oily feel. If any sticky label reside still remains a gentle scrub with steel wool should remove it at this stage. Rinse and allow to dry.

4. Get Creative

Now your container is clean and dry you can give it a second life to store some items. There is always the classic jewellery and nails and screws you can do. But we have a few example of other things you can store.

Buttons, Sewing Threads or Foreign Coin Collection

Key Tags, Random Keys or Seeds

Craft Supplies Googly Eyes or Loom Bands

Small Kids Toys

Let us know what you would store. If you are running low on an Oz Beeswax product you can always check out our online store and get your self stocked up.

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