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Face Mask And Glove Rashes At Work

Updated: May 6

Oz Beeswax Products are Good for Skin in Australia

To All You Wonderful Workers Wearing Protective Wear at Work,

There is a current surge in skin rashes due to CV19 hygiene requirements and to help combat rashes in your workplace, we're offering you a 30% discount off our best seller 3 pack, so we can reward you and your staff with our Oz Beeswax barrier cream to promote a healthy skin repair barrier in your work place.

Our Oz Beeswax customers are receiving healing results for the rashes occurring around the ears, rashes on the face and nose from wearing face masks and hairs nets and also for their hands for contact dermatitis due to the excessive use of alcohol sanitizer, rubs and wipes and latex gloves.

bee skin care products in australia

Our best seller is a well renowned barrier cream and for it’s antifungal and antibacterial properties that helps promote skin repair. It’s rich and deep penetrating and a long lasting moisturiser with effects that last all day. Being only three ingredients makes it an extremely safe and a highly effective moisturiser that will help give a very effective skin barrier and nourishing repair balm to you and your staff.

Many of our customers already know that having Oz Beeswax handy at work will help protect you and your staff from skin rashes and irritations. One application may last up to 10 washes and great to put on before you put on you gloves.

As our appreciation to all of you effected buy CV19 hygiene regulations, we’re offering you a 30% discount off the bulk buy 3 pack Oz Beeswax Best Seller to get products in you and your employees hands. We look forward to getting product to you and your staff to see and hear about your results (your forwarded google reviews will receive free products to the value of $100:)!

We at Oz Beeswax are proud to see so many positive skin results and we hope to help you and your employees too.

We recommend you use an applicator to apply.

Special Royal Easter Show 2021 Thank You Offer. Ends 12.04.2021.

Order here:) https://www.ozbeeswax.com.au/product-page/tripple-pack-oz-beeswax-best-seller

Enjoy:) From, Jo Beeswax

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