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Indoor beehives, could you do it?

You can watch bees work from the comfort of your own home. This type of beekeeping is becoming more popular with places like BEEcosystem in the US and their line of observational hives.

Image of BEEcosystem Hex Hive

The hive is mounted to a wall inside your house with confined exit outside for the bees to do their day job. This is an extension to the idea of observational bee hives which you can get from Quality Beekeeping Supplies in Summer Park Queensland to use for displaying one frame of bees for a day.

Observation Hive Frame from

You can even see a working observational bee hive at Buzz Honey located in Hahndorf, South Australia when you do their free honey tasting.

Buzz Honey hive door observational hive

Even traditional outdoor hives are coming a long way from their standard box appearance to a more mini house set up. Flow has revolutionised honey harvest process allowing you to retrieve the honey without disturbing the bees.

Check out the range at

Is living with a hive of bees in your house something you could do, or are doing? Or is keeping them in the backyard more your style. Let us know by leaving a comment.

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