10 Benefits Of Beeswax For Your Skin

Updated: May 30

1. It stimulates your immune system while also strengthens the protection power of your body.

2. It acts as a moisturiser and hydrates your skin. If you have dry skin that peels easily then beeswax "stamps" the moisture in not letting it go away.

3. It has a natural anti-flu and anti-bacterial effect.

4. It balances your blood circulation

5. It opposes psoriasis and eczema

6. It detoxifies your cells. It facilitates throwing the harmful substances away and helps purify the body.

7. It acts a an analgesic by healing wounds and bruises.

8. It reduces bad cholesterol in your body

9. It has an anti ageing effect. By covering your skin in a protective layer of beeswax your are slowing down the ageing process without clogging the pores.

10. It opposes rheumatism and joint stiffness

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