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oz beeswax 100% natural skin moisturier best seller, steroid replacement for dry sensitive skin psoriasis

Our moisturiser is enriched with three wholesome ingredients including the anti-bacterial properties of the beeswax enhanced by the sunflower oils anti-inflammatory properties to help lower skin redness and roughness, while the jojoba oil powerful antioxidants and vitamins balance, smooth and hydrate your skin. Use as a general daily moisturiser and try it as a steroid alternative for dry sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema and more.


Manuka skin magic best cream for ageing lines, eczema, roszcea,scars cracked itchy skin


This luxurious cream is derived from the finest quality Tasmania Manuka Beeswax. It is intensely moisturising and contains a combination of Beeswax, Honey and Australian cold-pressed pure oils of Jojoba and Sunflower. Use as your daily moisturiser or to help treat rosacea, eczema, scars, crack or itchy skin and ageing lines.


Apply this soothing moisturiser and feel the insect repelling lemongrass oil help provide fast-acting relief from insect bites as well as protect you from being bitten in the first place. 100% natural. 

natural stop itch fast acting relief from insect bites natural repelent


A natural pain relief balm formulated to help provide relief from aches and pains, muscle tears, sprains, migraines, sciatica, arthritis, bursitis, growing pains and more.  Simply apply it to the sore area and let the powerful analgesic anti-inflammatory properties of Beeswax, Juniper Berry oil and the cooling sensation of Eucalyptus Peppermint oil help calm your pain.

natural pain relief fro muscle tears, sprains, migraines, sciatica, arthritis, burstis, growing pains

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