Blood Bruises and Skin Tear Healed Quickly with Oz Beeswax Manuka Skin Magic

Wounds blood bruises and scarring occur often as we age. Beeswax is well known as a superior barrier and for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties, very high in protein, propolis and Vitamin A which all assist in boosting healthy skin production and cell renewal and therefore helping skin repair naturally and quickly.

Our Manuka Skin Magic is Hypoallergenic with Only Three Wholesome Ingredients. Safe to use on stitches and open wounds. No Fragrance or Preservatives (a little like honey).

It’s great for those of you using compression garments as a fitting resilience lotion, lubricant. It’s a very soothing compression garment application aid.

Quick relief for blood bruises, open wounds, itching and a soothing relief from skin irritation.The texture is rich and long lasting. Apply by scraping and into a smoothed texture. Apply liberally and as injuries,itchiness or irritation occurs.Many customers get extraordinary results from Oz Beeswax and you can too.Order yours today and make Oz Beeswax the essential part of your daily skin care regime!



Wind Chapped Lips? Manuka Skin Magic Balm for Bikers to Babies

Certified Tasmanian Manuka Beeswax from the Manuka Honey Flow 2019.

You can trace this product from the hive to your home! Hand made in Australia.

A lip balm that works! Long lasting and effects that last all day.

Only three simple ingredients; smells and tastes a little like honey.

Use as a general lip balm or for healing.

Chaffing for the bikers and dribble rash for babies, cold sores, this balm with help repair your lips and skin quickly.

Beeswax is nature’s ultimate protective barrier and has naturally occurring anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties, very high in protein, propolis and Vitamin A making the Manuka Skin Magic Balm nature’s ultimate.

If you’ve tried all the rest, now try the best! 

Try Oz Beeswax Manuka Lip Magic TODAY and see for yourself why thousands of Aussie’s LOVE Oz Beeswax!

Order yours today and make Oz Beeswax your essential go to skin care routine.