Aussie Made Gift Ideas

Aussie Made Gift Ideas

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Two for you. Two for your nearest and dearest other. And Two you can share:)

Lovely Aussie Made Gifts! Made - Wrapped & Sent With LOVE!:)

What's in the pack? A 30% Gift Pack Discount Gift from Oz Beeswax to You:)

Manuka Skin Magic large and small

Best Seller large and small

Stop Itch Moisturising Repellent large and small

You'll bee sure to have all you skins feeling happy during the summer season.

Grab this devine gift idea now so the post will arrive timely before the busy festive season.


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Gentleman from Sydney said; 'oz beeswax is great for his sensitive skin, after shaving and one jar lasted him 2 years'.

From people who love our products

Rachel had severe red and swollen welts and hasn't stopped itching for weeks, she tried oz beeswax and came back to tell us her story.


Stop severe itching and welts with oz beeswax

Oz Beeswax

Bev says; 'Oz Beeswax is the best for her grand daughters eczema'.

Bev says; 'Oz Beeswax is the best for her granddaughters eczema'.

Oz Beeswax

Sue loves Oz Beeswax for her curly hair. March 16.

Sue loves oz beeswax for her curly hair!