Pet Care Balm

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Perfect for Skin Ailments in ANY Animal!

Oz Beeswax helps common ailments affecting domestic pets – naturally.

Our pet care balm can help with hot spots, cracked paws, hoofs, dermatitis, eczema, open wounds or itchy and inflamed skin as the oils deeply penetrate the skin and the beeswax offers the antibacterial barrier to help relieve, soothe and protect your pets skin naturally.

Applying the balm  to your pet is like putting on an invisible band aid that is completely non toxic and fragrance free, leaving your pets skin to heal naturally using mother nature’s finest ingredients.

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Oz Beeswax can help common ailments affecting domestic pets - naturally.

Helps dry itchy skin and skin irritations.

Oz Beeswax can be used to treat;
Allergic rashes and reactions.
Hot Spots - can prevent itching and chewing.
Paw protection - to prevent and treat cuts and grazes.
Open sores - can help keep moisture in and bacteria out.

Application; apply by scraping a little out with you fingernail or an applicator, rub into the palm of your hand until a smooth texture and apply to the affected area.


For best results; apply regularly as itching or dryness persists.


Oz Beeswax is a safe and natural alternative and hopefully will provide the relief your pet is requiring.


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Gentleman from Sydney said; 'oz beeswax is great for his sensitive skin, after shaving and one jar lasted him 2 years'.

From people who love our products

Rachel had severe red and swollen welts and hasn't stopped itching for weeks, she tried oz beeswax and came back to tell us her story.


Stop severe itching and welts with oz beeswax

Oz Beeswax

Bev says; 'Oz Beeswax is the best for her grand daughters eczema'.

Bev says; 'Oz Beeswax is the best for her granddaughters eczema'.

Oz Beeswax

Sue loves Oz Beeswax for her curly hair. March 16.

Sue loves oz beeswax for her curly hair!