Some facts about beeswax and honey

Some facts about beeswax and honey

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We all know that beeswax and honey is extremely good for our well being and our skin but did you know these important facts:

It takes over 500 worker bees to gather half a kilo of honey from around 2 million flowers.

Bees need to consume around (6) jars of honey to make a small amount beeswax equivalent to 450 grams.

And bees pollinate around one third of the worlds food crops so without them we would have very little food.

1 kilo of bee pollen is equivalent in protein to about 7 kilos of beef.

Pure honey placed in Egyptian pyramids over 2000 years ago was found to be still edible.

Some facts about Beeswax

The Greek-Roman doctor Galen, 2nd AC used beeswax in a cooling ointment.

The famous Iranian physician Avicenne, 10th AC, recommended beeswax for medicine.

According to Chinas most famous medicine book “The Shen Nong Book of Herbs”, 1-2nd BC, beeswax was recognised as a top medicinal ingredient.

It is praised for its beneficial influence on blood and energy systems and the overall balance of the body.

The author attributes beauty enhancement and anti-aging properties to beeswax.. Combined with other ingredients it is applied on the skin for treating wounds and as a health food for dieting. Many recipes are given is this authoritative source of traditional Chinese medicine.

Ge Hong (about 284-364, Jin dynasty) and Sun Simiao (581-682) recommend 'beeswax therapy, i.e. a heat treatment of skin areas with cloths impregnated with molten beeswax.

Liu Yuxi in 841 gives a detailed description of beeswax therapy more than 1000 years earlier than the paraffin wax therapy from the Frenchman Barthe de Sandford (1909). "The Sages Prescriptions", edited by the Song Dynasty Imperial

Hospital (992), mentions diet therapy, health-improvement and anti-aging prescriptions containing honey, beeswax and honeycomb”.

The old Egyptians used beeswax when embalming, for mummification of their pharaohs and for retaining the permanency of whig curls, for preserving the papyrus scrolls and to protect paintings.

About 1550 BC the wrappings of Egyptian mummies contained beeswax.

The ancient Persians used wax to embalm the dead, while the ancient Romans modelled death masks and life-size effigies from beeswax.

The word mummy derives from a Persian word meaning wax.

In ancient times beeswax was used as an adhesive to join two surfaces together.

The ancient god, Pan, guardian of bees, invented a musical instrument, Pan's Pipes, by joining reeds together with beeswax, and blowing through them to make music.


The great Greek physician, Discorides, wrote of rolling beeswax into sheets which was then used to make artificial flowers.

They are indeed amazing creatures creating natures finest ingredients for the body and mind.

Oz Beeswax cares about Bees and asks you to be mindful of them too! We need them and you need them too! We can help by planting flowers everywhere for the Bees!



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