Manuka Repair Balm

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Oz Beeswax Manuka Skin Magic is derived from the purest quality Tasmanian Manuka Beeswax and blended with Australian cold pressed pure oils of jojoba and sunflower, we focus on providing our customers with natures best quality ingredients to keep your skin looking its best.

Containing three skin loving natural ingredients, powerful results for; reducing ageing lines, scars, healing tattoos, open wounds, rashes, cracked or itchy skin etc. great to use under makeup, it is smooth, absorbs and nourishes. For men the balm is great for after shaving and a rich repair moisturiser for skin irritations.

Oz Beeswax Certified Manuka will be your all go to, reliable and trusted skin care routine. 

Try it for yourself and see why thousands of users are loving Oz Beeswax.



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Want the best natural skin care product around? A skin care product that offers superior skin moisturiser properties? Then put Oz Beeswax Manuka Skin Magic at the top of your must-have skin care list.

Derived from the purest high quality Tasmanian Manuka beeswax, and carefully blended with Aussie cold-pressed pure oils of jojoba and sunflower, Manuka Skin Magic is well named.

Manuka Skin Magic loves your skin and nurtures it in anti-ageing style so wrinkles will soon become just a memory.

But wait! There’s more! Manuka Skin Magic not only has anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties, but you can use it on scar tissue, to heal fresh tattoos, and for cracked or itchy skin. It’s wonderful under make-up because it protects and nourishes without any shiny or oily residue. And for men, use Manuka Skin Magic after shaving, or as a rich skin moisturiser for any skin irritations.

Oz Beeswax Certified Organic Manuka Skin Magic stands alone for the best natural skin care around.

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Gentleman from Sydney said; 'oz beeswax is great for his sensitive skin, after shaving and one jar lasted him 2 years'.

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Rachel had severe red and swollen welts and hasn't stopped itching for weeks, she tried oz beeswax and came back to tell us her story.


Stop severe itching and welts with oz beeswax

Oz Beeswax

Bev says; 'Oz Beeswax is the best for her grand daughters eczema'.

Bev says; 'Oz Beeswax is the best for her granddaughters eczema'.

Oz Beeswax

Sue loves Oz Beeswax for her curly hair. March 16.

Sue loves oz beeswax for her curly hair!