Leather and Timber

All natural, all in one protector and rejuvenator

Oz Beeswax helps protect your leather boots, bags, jackets, belts, saddlery, timber, metal and much more!  

With no fragrances or harsh additives, oz beeswax offers you the perfect protection for your favourite leather clothing, furniture and accessories. 

Oz Beeswax helps softens & relax leather, (NOT SUEDE) including the stitching and rejuvenates the natural tan of your coloured leathers.

Waterproofs and protects your items - without harsh chemicals that can damage them.

Perfect for conditioning  Woodwork - Antiques - Instruments

Beeswax has been used on wood for centuries and our combination of non-hypoallergenic oils makes oz beeswax the preferred conditioner for your many items, including; your chopping board, furniture, instruments, etc.

Oz Beeswax helps rejuvenate the natural grain and features of timber and more; is perfect for raw or treated timber and can be used on indoor or outdoor furniture.


Best to use a foam sponge as it picks up the equal amounts of oil and wax and it gets into all the nooks and crannies while distributing more evenly. It’s easy to apply, use sparingly and with no need to buff off!

Best to do a test patch on a non visible area first to be sure you’re happy with the results.


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All natural protector and conditioner for just about anything that's lacking in lustre.

Protects leather boots, bags, jackets, belts, saddles, timber and much more! 

Perfect 100% natural treatment for all your bits and bobs.