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The # 1 choice for many skin conditions.

Best moisturiser for all skin types including oily skin, dry or sensitive, due the Natural "Vitamin A" in beeswax. Made without chemicals, preservatives or parabens our skincare range is a healthy alternative in todays busy lifestyle.

All skin types benefit from health-giving oz beeswax as it helps protect and refresh skin while generating new skin cells.

Beeswax has been used for centuries for its antioxidants, antiseptic, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties to help skin irritations, rejuvenation and for maintaining a healthful complexion. 

The Best Wholesome Skin Care Products are From Nature Itself!

Oz beeswax naturally moisturises and maintains healthy skin!

An all natural skin care that hydrates by locking in moisture whilst re hydrating and renewing new skin cells.

It also protects your face, feet & hands from todays harsh environment while keeping skin looking radiant and healthy. As our creams are all natural you can use it all over your body daily as a little of our product goes a long way.   

We proudly give you access to customer testimonials below, including how they used and loved Oz Beeswax Moisturising products, the benefits it has brought them and how our healthy and uplifting skin care has helped them.

Skin Irritations & Eczema Moisturised Naturally with Soothing Oz Beeswax

Dry conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis,  Dermatitis & Rashes are soothed using uplifting oz beeswax blended with jojoba oil & sunflower oil.

Made in Australia

Oz Beeswax The # 1 Choice for Total Skin Health.

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