Prosthetic Rashes Healed Quickly with Oz Beeswax

For those with dry stump, prosthetic rashes or skin repair for amputees; Oz Beeswax provides a protective barrier that locks in skin moisture and helps skin repair naturally.
Beeswax has been used for centuries for wounds and scarring and is well known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties, very high in protein, propolis and Vitamin A which all assist in boosting
healthy skin production and cell renewal.
Hypoallergenic. Only three wholesome ingredients. No Fragrance (a little like honey) No Preservatives.
If you’ve tried all the steroids and cortisones, off the shelf moisturisers and barriers and not getting the satisfactory results you’re requiring. Try Oz Beeswax Best Seller Today!
Use as a resilience fitting lotion. Lubricant. Compression garment application aid.
Quick relief for itching and a soothing relief from skin irritations.
The texture is rich and long lasting. Apply by scraping and into a smoothed texture. Apply liberally and as itchiness or irritation occurs.
Many customers are getting extraordinary results from Oz Beeswax and you can too.
Order yours today and make Oz Beeswax your steroid replacement and the essential part of your daily skin care regime!

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